Breaking Down the Cinematography in Justin Bieber’s ‘what Do You Mean’ Music Video

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Breaking Down the Cinematography in Justin Bieber's 'what Do You Mean' Music Video

The day has finally come, as I assumed it would, that we, your trusty arbiters of indie film, are going to write an article centered on none other than — Justin Bieber.

Okay, okay — this post isn’t necessarily centered on him, but rather the cinematography used in his music video for “What Do You Mean”, directed by Brad Furman and shot by Joshua Reis. Matt Workman of Cinematography Database breaks down two different setups from the music video, highlighting some of the innovative techniques used by Reis that gave the video its distinct look. Check it out below:

And here’s the original music video:

Matt focuses on the lighting and camerawork in two different setups: the exterior hotel scene at the beginning of the video and the interior hotel scene.

Cinematographer Joshua Reis uses some traditional high end lighting techniques to light a night exterior and some new innovative techniques using LEDs to light a small practical Motel room. Both scenes are visually tied together by a designed color theme.

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