Canon Powershot G5 X Review – Real-world Video & Impressions

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Canon Powershot G5 X Review – Real-world Video & Impressions

It’s not that I like banging my head against the wall. in the contrary, I would like to consider my self as a person who did one or two things during his professional life and live in a complete peace with himself.  Nevertheless, I managed to surprise myself when the idea of testing the relatively new Canon PowerShot G5 X crossed my mind. Why do I want to do it? Are’t there are enough proper cameras to test out there?.


Well, the reason is simple. I regard any camera having a chip size of 1” and above, as a legitimate candidate for testing. After all, the latest offering from Sony, the Sony RX100 IV and the Sony RX10 II are both doing very well in the wild mostly because of offering unique selling points like high frame rate recording, fast lens, additional professional video features like Zebra, peaking, built-in ND filter, S-Log2/S-Gamut, 100 Mbps 4K recording (3840×2160) and 50 Mbps during full HD. (see my Sony RX100 IV here)  That’s were the Canon PowerShot G5 X comes into the picture. It is the latest 1” sensor camera offering from Canon and I thought it will be nice to experiment and compare.

The above test was made during late December 2015 and in order to retrieve some of the below details form my old and used memory, I had to open my notebook and dig for some of the information. One thing I don’t have to dig for is the general impression this camera left on me while shooting with it. For video purposes, it was one of the worst experiences I ever had. I also tried it as a simple “home video device” and opt agains it.


OK, where should I start. I guess from the beginning. The colours are a bit off especially in mixed lighting conditions, the front dial you see in the picture above is constantly on the way when attempting to hold the camera properly. In fact, before getting carried away, here is short list of the positive and negatives concerning operating the video side of this little camera.

On the positive side: (in no particular order)

  • Fully articulated LCD screen
  • Nice EVF
  • Touch screen (for the one who likes this feature)
  • Auto focus via touch screen
  • Charging the camera via USB is possible
  • Internal ND filter
  • Manual exposure modes
  • Focus peaking
  • World camera

Can be improved: (in no particular order)

  • Soft look on the open aperture side of the lens
  • No 4K recording
  • No hi frame rate recording
  • Short battery life
  • Manual focusing is almost impossible
  • No headphones or mic jacks



If you make the direct comparison between this camera and the Sony RX100 IV for video usage, then the later will beat hands down the Canon PowerShot G5 X. This is by no mean a primary working tool, yet I truly hope that Canon will make an internal decision to match if not exceed the specifications and features given to us by other manufacturers and implement those on their next generation pocket cameras.

Camera picture profile used in this video: Neutral, sharpness dialled to minimum. Edited on Adobe Premiere CC latest edition.

Music by musicbed. Title used : Winter Solstice by Andrew Judah

Thanks to Teddy Pardo for participating in this video. Discover more about his audiophile world.

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