[fs: Optics] Lomo Hi-speed Prime Set in Pl, 95mm Fronts. 8 Lens Set

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[fs: Optics] Lomo Hi-speed Prime Set in Pl, 95mm Fronts
Selling off my Lomo Hi-Speed set. I had these lenses converted to PL mount, with 0.8 module (Arri) focus gears and 95mm fronts. Acquired the hi-speed 18mm at the time of conversion. Once the lenses came back from St Petersburg, they were serviced- several times now. My last set of Lomo primes- I had several sets, from the 2-perf Kinor 35H days (yeah- I paid for that conversion too.) 9 Lenses are pictured- the Jupiter 180/2.8 prime is apart and needs to be serviced. It can be part of the set- actually a great part of the set, just needs to go back together.

Lomos have a unique, vintage look. Their build quality is legendary- that is to say you have to stay on top of them- it’s the glass that makes them desirable. The 135mm was a very recent addition- hope to have a focus gear on that in a week or two, plus a step up ring.

18mm T1.6 no markings visible
22mm T2.4 sn: 9100XX
28mm T1.4 sn: 8600XX
35mm T1.6 sn: 8700XX
50mm T1.5 sn: 8800XX
75mm T1.6 sn: 8900XX
100mm T3.1 sn:8000XX
135mm F2.8 Pentacon, 15 blade iris

180mm F2.8 Jupiter (silver lens-like the Silver Helios 85/1.5) Weird construction but beautiful image. More photos coming over the weekend.

Asking $18K obo. Will consider breaking up the set once all lenses are spoken for. They reside in New Jersey.
Please contact me direct: karlkimdp@gmail.com

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